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Last Update: Jun 15, 2020

Frequently Ask'd Questions.

Get answers about most asked questions about Happiness Hero Services

Have questions about Pricing?

How do I know that you are working on my project?

Happiness Hero will manually check-in and check-out with you every working day along with an update of their progress. I use clockify for time management and Google Sheets for reporting.

Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

No. Your subscription to our service is month-to-month/hourly/project based or as per SLA. There are no cancellations fee or penalties of any kind. If your are new customer than 50% of deposit of total estimated value is required before work commencement.

If I've used up the hours I've bought, can I still get more work done?

Yes, you can definitely get more work done, However you will be charged at the additional hourly rate applicable according to your opted plan.

If I could not use up the hours I've bought in the particular month, what happens to it?

The Post-Paid plan come with Roll-Over Time. Contact me for more information.

Have questions about Website?

How long will it take for my website to be designed?

The length of time it takes to create a fully functional website is based on several contact. Custom design work can take any where from 1-4 weeks.

Do you create and maintain Wordpress?

Yes, apart from Wordpress, I am specialize in Webflow, Wix, and Google Sites for Gsuite.

What about domain and hosting?

I strongly recommend to buy domain and hosting at your end and I'll be very much glad to manage them on your behalf. I also offer 1 GB hosting plan with one email at $35/year hosted at Namecheap UK/USA servers.

What is the average cost for a website?

It's difficult to quote average price, due to enormous range in requirements for a site. Before starting the project I will send the design process, total working hours and any third party tool pre purchase quote.

Have questions about SEO?

When will I start seeing result of SEO?

The time frame varies from a few days to many weeks, depending on when your site is re-indexed.

Do you recommend HTTP or HTTPS?

I strongly recommend HTTPS as search engines will prioritize HTTPS website over HTTP. And it is also give your website users to use your website confidently.

Do I have to redesign my website to make it Search Engine Friendly?

After audit, if I see that redesign is must then only I will recommend it or otherwise, I will provide you the SEO scope for your current website.

What are Keywords, How do you select keywords fro my business?

Keywords are the base of SEO. The best keywords make it easy for your end user to find you. Our pre audit which includes your competitor research, demographics, trend analysis etc will help you and me to build a better and competitive result oriented SEO strategy for your business.

Have questions about Marketing?

Is online marketing is related to reputation management?

Reputation management is another form of word of mouth marketing through online review platforms. It's necessary to respond to even negative reviews.

Can social media marketing really help my business to grow?

Yes, there is no harm to utilize social media platforms, where most of your customers spends most of their average screen time.

How you will measure my ROI?

First I always target for reach within proper audience, secondly will target them to become from Fan to lead and finally customer. It is step by step process and will be done according to the audit report. ROI can be measured in different ways but all depend upon your campaign purpose.

Is Email Marketing is as good as Social Media Marketing as per current standards?

Both platforms are essential part of online marketing strategy. In social media marketing for start audience is unknown. But in Email marketing you have already subscribers to send your content in their inbox.

Have questions about Data Research?

Why I should invest in Data Research?

Data research tell us not only about customer needs, their social behaviours and purchasing intent. These all details are used to develop marketing strategies.

What tools you use to deliver Data or Data related reports?

For you I can deliver reports through Google/Excel sheets and for your customers/audience through blog post or infographics or both.

What can be done through these reports?

Happiness Hero is responsible for you to not only create but also analyse these reports and pinpoint you to the right direction to optimize business process and marketing strategies.

What will happen to all the data you have collected on behalf of my business, when I cancel your services?

All data collected for you belongs to you, after cancellation I will ask you Do you want us to send data to you or delete all of it or both.

Have questions about Customer Experience?

I am Hotel owner and most of my guest come through OTAs. Why my business need Customer Service?

Hotel Customer service is care provided by hotels to guest before, during and after stay. So it doesn't matter from where your customer comes, it is your customer and better customer services will help you increase your direct bookings.

How good customer care will benefit my Business?

Customer retention or word of mouth marketing is cheaper than customer acquisition. Customer service represents your brand image, mission and values. Positive customer service will result in happy customers and it will increase the referrals rate and bring down the marketing budget significantly.

What tools do i need to get started in Customer service?

Simple WhatsApp will do all the work to support your customers. CRM is also an essential service tool but not mandatory for new business.

What else do I need?

Happiness Hero will provide you weekly data of your customers general queries or complaints or feedback and pinpoint you to the right direction to improve business process.

Have questions about Technical Writing and Voice Search?

What is voice search?

Voice search combines speech recognition technology with search engine keyword queries to enable users to speak questions rather than type them. The software ingests what it hears, queries one or more search engines, and presents relevant answers.

Why my business need voice search?

Voice search is driving changes in SEO best practices. As more and more people of different demographics are getting comfortable with voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana to search internet as voice search is faster and easier.

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